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Unieke kunst gecreëerd door wetenschappelijk experiment.


In TilbuZz: Esther Leenders (Kunstloc) en kunstenaar Rob Smulders over de expositie Pattern & Surface Matter(s)


December 2020

Publication in KÖNT of Silence zine 2020


Chromatic Code curated by Alain Chivilò (Italy) on Art Musa

Ponte Art 1st special online exhibition (Milan, Italy) 25 October – 21 November 2020

1st Special Edition of Ponte Art Online Exhibition

13.08.2020 Mestmag:

Crisis en cultureel ondernemerschap

Patchy & Sketchy
10 EUR

published: March 2019 by Knust Press

– 19,6 x 27,3 mm
– 26 pages
– multiple risograph colors
– perfect bound

Patchy & Sketchy is the result of the 11th edition of the ‘Master Apprentice’ project by Kunstpodium T.
For this project, Jan Dirk (the founder of Knust) worked with four young artists (Rob Smulders) whose work deals considerably with color.

This book contains work of all four artists and each cover is unique.

Buyable @ Extrapool:

2019 February – July

Presented on Galleryviewer by Josilda da Conceição Gallery


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