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11 May – 8 June

“Influence” – Josilda da Conceição Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


7-31 March

“Patchy & Sketchy” – Temporary Art Centre (TAC), Eindhoven, The Netherlands (AMP Project)




1-2 December

Pavia Art Talent Show,  Palazzo Esposizioni, Pavia, Italy,


8-14 November

International Modern Art Exhibition @KEPCO Art Center, Seoul, South Korea (Gallery Harang / 하랑갤러리 – 국내외 기획전시 전문 갤러리)


31 October – 4 November

Moment of Trust, Hotel Solo, Club Solo Breda, The Netherlands (Artist Initiative Tenthaus Oslo)


29-30 September , 5-7 October

Art Parma Fair, Italy


2-12 August,

Muzerije ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands


29 June – 1 July 

 Next Up show, Atelier Rozenstraat, Tilburg , The Netherlands


18-20 May

Lucca Art Fair, Italy


6-9 April 

Arte Vicenza Art Fair, Italy


16-18 March 

Vernice, Art Fair, Forlí, Italy


16-19 February 

Arte Genua, Art Fair, Italy


13-15 January

Bergamo Art Fair, Italy