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The Flood Series

The Shoot Paintings


The Pattern Paintings




7-31 March

Temporary Art Centre (TAC), Eindhoven, The Netherlands (AMP Project)




1-2 December

Pavia Art Talent Show,  Palazzo Esposizioni, Pavia, Italy, (Marco Antonio Patrizio Gallery)


8-14 November

International Modern Art Exhibition @KEPCO Art Center, Seoul, South Korea (Gallery Harang / 하랑갤러리 – 국내외 기획전시 전문 갤러리)


31 October – 4 November

Moment of Trust, Hotel Solo, Club Solo Breda, Netherlands (Artist Initiative Tenthaus Oslo)


29-30 September , 5-7 October

Art Parma Fair, Italy (Marco Antonio Patrizio Gallery)


2-12 August,

Muzerije ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands


29 June – 1 July 

 Next Up show Tilburg , The Netherlands


18-20 May

Lucca Art Fair, Italy (Marco Antonio Patrizio Gallery)


6-9 April 

Arte Vicenza Art Fair, Italy (Marco Antonio Patrizio Gallery)


16-18 March 

Vernice, Art Fair, Forlí, Italy (Marco Antonio Patrizio Gallery)


16-19 February 

Arte Genua, Art Fair, Italy (Marco Antonio Patrizio Gallery)


13-15 January

Bergamo Art Fair, Italy (Marco Antonio Patrizio Gallery)

Rob Smulders (Boxtel, December 16, 1981) is a Dutch Visual Artist and creative coach who works in the city of Tilburg (the Netherlands).

Color was his companion ever since his early childhood. Already in his early years he came into contact with art. His parents were art collectors and his neighbor was director of an art academy. That’s how he became infected with the art virus.

All Colors do have an effect on us in a certain way. Together they can communicate new values to the viewer. They can cause emotions, but in the same time add something to the perception and the experience of the viewer.

The main subject is paint in the way it manifests itself as color on a surface. In order to achieve new results Smulders excludes conventional techniques of painting. For years he started working in an abstract way after his time (2014) on an Fine Arts Academy (Arendonk, Fine Arts) in Belgium, where his education was classical. In 2018 he graduated from the Academy for Art Education & Design (Tilburg, The Netherlands).

For Smulders the process of painting looks like a scientific experiment: he is testing what is regular and irregular and he repeats it. In producing a work I react on the moves on the canvas with gravity doing a big part of the job. Rhythms and repetitions are essential. In his work he deals with a complexity in which a continuity manifests itself. For years Smulders has been studying codes. These codes are transformed in a repertoire of paintings.

The process of making his colourful paintings is essential. Step-by-step Smulders applies paint  on an installed surface and he lets gravity do its work. The painting paints itself: the paint drips down over the flat surface and creates a(n) (un)controlled pattern of lines and forms.

Abstract expressionism was more or less basic in all my work. My work shows mainly the aspect of abstraction and experiment, as far as the concept matters.

Artist Statement

Nowadays we are living in a digitally dominated era. Everything´s fluid and time and attention for things of interest vanishes. For Smulders it is of utmost importance to capture these digital expressions in an analogue scripture. His early work is based on the ‘The Human Printer’ principal. According to this principal digital codes and tasks are the key elements for analogue conceptual art.
In his working process Smulders is constantly looking for unconventional techniques to produce works whereby room arises for experiment. After his classical education he freed himself from the figurative approach and started to specialize in a more conceptual direction. Abstract experimental works with an emphasis of the way paint shows itself on a surface, are the expression of this.

The imperfection within the perfection is something intriguing for him all his life. It stands for living in the moment by the power of imperfection and deficiency.

In order to express my emotions I use paint to get a certain expression on the canvas. My work never have come into existence, if I wouldn’t have been busy studying the binary system. In fact half of the world is functioning with binary systems and we all are more and more dependent on digitalisation.

Calculations and encodings are intriguing for me all my life through. In the process of working I am constantly looking for irregularities. I transform these irregularities in order to create an new picture. Mistakes don’t exist, are treated as irregularities. These irregularities are the exact opposite the rigid binary ‘orthodox’ system. In life it’s all about equilibrium and finding the right balance as in Yin and Yang.

‘Art belongs to the unconscious! One must express oneself! Express oneself directly! Not one’s taste or one’s upbringing intelligence, one’s knowledge or skill.’

Arnold Schönberg